Update your diet and weight loss beliefs …

How to Start Up Your Fat Metabolism
    and Target 

Discover why some of your low fat diet beliefs may be outdated, and which foods can actually encourage natural fat loss…it may not be what you expect!

Learn about the weight loss effects from reducing your daily intake of sugars and high load carbohydrates…

Have you spent a fortune on diet programs with limited success? Or tired of struggling with your weight but cannot seem to reach your desired goal?

There is so much confusing and contradictory information available about weight loss; it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

One of the biggest mistakes we have made in the past is that we have focused on ‘weight loss’ diets rather ‘fat loss’ diets, and there is actually a big difference between the two strategies!

The good news is that things have changed, and there is a more advanced method for effective and sustainable weight loss.

Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss describes what creates body fat, and helps you understand how to switch on your own natural fat loss system.

This ebook contains clear and simple instructions, with easy to understand explanations and diagrams to help gain a practical understanding about how natural fat loss occurs over a period of time with adequate nutrition and exercise.

This is up-to-date, scientifically proven, expert guidance for do-it-yourself natural fat loss! 

It’s Simple and Easy to Understand!

You CAN Learn the Essential Information and Basic Principles to Start Up Natural Fat Loss!

"The best news is that it is a nutritionally balanced diet and lifestyle program. It is easy to learn which foods can switch on natural fat loss, and how they can improve your health and ultimate freedom."

Venus Bergner 
Natural Medicine Consultant

Melbourne, Australia


Hi, Venus Bergner here.

Welcome to Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss Program.

This information has been put together to assist people who want to target natural fat loss but don't know where to start.

Hundreds of people have already benefited from this natural fat loss diet and lifestyle advice to help with weight maintenance, health and well being.

Over the last six years I have worked as a natural medicine consultant assisting hundreds of patients to resolve the more complex weight loss scenarios and related health concerns. Including both men and women who have felt they have tried every diet under the sun to lose weight, or battled with long term eating disorders, or undergone liposuction and gastric lap band surgery. Using natural medicine natural fat loss treatments patients have achieved successful long term natural weight loss, and reversed chronic disease conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), obesity, depression, anxiety, bulimia and binge eating disorders, hypothyroid conditions, insulin resistance, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, and more…

Targeting natural fat loss can also be very beneficial for pre- conception, infertility related to weight, and achieving weight loss post pregnancy.

People Are Fed Up With Trialling Diets

It seems that there is so much confusing information about how to achieve a desirable healthy weight balance that it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused. What appears to be missing is a basic understanding of how our nutrition, exercise and natural fat loss metabolism actually work.

There is a more efficient way to target specific fat loss, and I have spent many hours each day teaching people about correct nutrition and exercise balance, and how to achieve effective weight loss.

The good news is that this dietary advice is aligned with our genetic make-up, so once these basic principles are understood, they are tools for life.

Discover The Gaps In Your Education

As a health practitioner it concerns me that obesity is increasing at such an alarming rate.

Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss is written to fill in the gaps and provide the understanding as to how and why our natural fat loss metabolism works.

This is a simple and empowering technique that has been developed by qualified health professionals with scientifically proven results, and used successfully in my clinical practice for over four years. 

Natural fat loss can help to improve our long-term health, and may reduce the risk of conditions such as metabolic syndrome, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, depression, anxiety, cancer and dementia.

For many people this information has been the first step towards finding a happier, healthier lifestyle. Boosting energy levels and vitality, while potentially reversing chronic diseases related to poor nutrition.

There Is Misleading Information About Fat Loss

Over the years we have believed that eating low fat foods, or eliminating fat from our diet altogether is the most important key to effective nutrition for weight loss. Dare I say that we are being mislead with some out dated diet beliefs and false advertising.

Now more than ever there is a saturation of diets, fad foods and weight loss programs available yet Australia and New Zealand have a population statistic of 60% obesity. This figure has more than doubled in the last 20 years. Statistics show that 1 in 5 children are obese, and of these 80% will become obese adults.

We also have increasing incidences of diabetes, thyroid hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiovascular risk, depression and anxiety.

Is Lowering Your Carbohydrate Intake The Key to Effective Fat Loss?

The main focus dietary focus in the past has been on fat intake, however in the last 100 years our average sugar intake per person has increased from 5kg per person per year to a staggering 65kg per person per year.

This increased intake of sugar, coupled with a diet of more refined and packaged foods, lower levels of nutrients in whole foods and their soils, longer working hours, more sedentary jobs and higher stress levels – no wonder this is a recipe for weight gain and increased health risk!

Systematic review of randomized controlled trials have showed that lowering our carbohydrate intake has been demonstrated to be more effective than conventional low-fat diets for fat loss and providing a substantial amount of additional benefits beyond fat reduction for the treatment of the overweight and obese. 

Reducing our sugar and high load carbohydrate intake can be a more effective weight loss method than the previous low fat diet focus, with a proper understanding of correct nutrition, a balanced diet and professional guidance.

Weight Loss verses Natural Fat Loss

Time to Update Your Diet Strategy?

What we really mean when we say that we want to lose weight is that we want to lose fat.

The exciting news is… Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss teaches you how to more accurately measure your fat loss rather than weight loss to make sure that your weight loss attempts are more specific.

News Flash! Reducing your overall weight in kilograms on the scales is not necessarily an accurate reflection of fat loss!

Here's why…

Previously scales have been the way we measure our weight loss, and we assume that if our weight on the scales goes up its bad, and if it goes down its good, right? Well no, actually. We are only presuming that we have lost or gained fat. 

In reality… 

Our total weight loss does not accurately reflect fat loss specifically, because there are so many other fluctuating variables that can contribute to our overall weight such as fluid retention, water consumption, muscle mass, and more. 

Learn the most accurate ways to measure your body fat so that you can keep track of your progress and make sure that your weight loss is specifically losing fat!

Want to Learn the Secrets of Why Most Diets Fail?

Trying to lose weight but having limited success?

From my experience as a natural medicine consultant, I can say that weight management is not always as simple as diet and exercise.

Everybody is different, and the reasons for weight management difficulties are varied.

Sometimes effective weight loss is as simple as creating a better diet and lifestyle through nutritional understanding. In these cases success is achieved once this is corrected.

However, with more complex weight management problems, it is necessary to identify deeper underlying reasons and obstacles that are limiting success. Some case scenarios can be far more complex and need to be addressed professionally in order to achieve the desired weight management result.

For the past four years I have assisted hundreds of people to demystify some of the most commonly outdated diet beliefs. I have collated all the information in this easy step-by-step book.

Many people have already been discovering the secrets of natural fat loss. They now have the knowledge to move, act and behave in a way that is supporting their body to burn fat, and are doing it with a balanced nutritional intake and exercise.

Start Up is a scientifically advanced weight loss strategy, aligned with our genetic make-up, and is easy to learn.

Fundamental Core Diet Beliefs that are Outdated…

  • When people say they want to lose weight, they really mean they want to lose fat.
  • Measuring our “weight loss” on scales is not an accurate measurement of “fat loss”
  • Counting overall calorie consumption does not necessarily result in fat loss
  • 'Low fat' food does not always mean 'non-fattening' food
  • Restrictive “all or nothing” diet attitudes are not sustainable for maintaining weight long term
  • Excessive high intensity exercise is not necessarily needed for effective fat loss

Switch On Your Body’s Natural
Fat Burning Process!

Get educated and empowered with the most effective way to lose fat naturally

Change your weight loss focus by getting educated and empowered with Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss. Once you have taken the time to learn how your natural fat metabolism works you will have the knowledge of your body’s natural processes.

Here's how to do it:

Step One – You will learn nutritional advice for getting adequate daily amounts of vegetarian or animal based proteins to maintain muscle mass. Learn how many fruits, vegetables, and daily essential fats you need for boosting your metabolism, and how to get the right proportion of high load carbohydrate intake to create the optimum conditions for natural fat loss.

Step Two – You will discover the fundamental keys to switch on natural fat loss through proper food combining and exercise. Learn how much exercise you need and which foods to include or avoid and why.

Step Three – Learn how to create clear outcomes and achievable goals to achieve success. Avoid disappointment and feelings of failure with unrealistic expectations.

Step Four – Learn how to accurately measure fat loss to monitor and record your progress.

Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss Program teaches you step-by-step how to choose nutritious foods and exercise correctly to help to boost your metabolic rate and switch on your body's natural fat loss process for targeting fat loss.

Here's what you get:

  • A nutritionally balanced dietary program
  • Ways to develop and establish good eating habits for life
  • It's easy to understand, simple to follow, with practical tools
  • Great tasting meals and snacks ideas and recipes
  • Shopping lists with a wide range of ingredients and variety of flavours
  • Flexible menu ideas adaptable to many situations
  • Recommends foods high in complex carbohydrates and low in sugar
  • Advises adequate protein for increasing fat loss and decreasing hunger
  • Provides advice for healthy intake of essential fats
  • Teaches you how to maintain muscle mass
  • Nutritional advice which may help to reduce blood sugar levels
  • Safe, effective and scientifically proven results
  • Also suitable for vegetarians

Start Up is based on a professional ketogenic weight management program that has been running successfully in Australia for over ten years and is well established in safety and efficacy.

The Keys to Success

There are two essential keys to success with healthy weight management.

  • To avoid wasting precious time and energy, get the right diet and lifestyle advice to start up natural fat loss

Firstly make sure that your nutritional intake and exercise targets natural fat loss, and that you are following the advice correctly for it to be effective.

There is so much contradictory information available that it is very easy to become confused. Too often I see people putting in a great effort, but the diet technique is not quite right, so they have limited success despite all of their dedication and hard work. This is very disappointing and disheartening for them.

So make sure you Start Up natural fat loss in the right direction first!

  • Seek professional help, to get you started in the right direction, and provide the necessary support to achieve your goals

Secondly, if your weight loss attempt is not creating the desired result, despite following a correct nutrition and exercise plan, try to approach it systematically and methodically to work out why. Seek help and continue to investigate with your local natural health professional until you can identify and diagnose the potential metabolic, motivational or emotional obstacles which may be interfering with your progress and blocking your success. 

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. Remember, success is often successive, so it can take time and consistent effort to achieve results.

Are You Getting Enough Essential Fats?

Break Yourself Free from the Yo-Yo Weight Loss Cycle

Nutritional deficiencies can create a vicious cycle of fat gain which can eventually promote further weight gain.

Diets that are deficient in essential fats, or lacking an adequate balance of essential nutrients, can potentially disrupt our natural metabolic pathways and slow down fat loss.

Effective natural fat loss is not necessarily the result of choosing low fat foods such as low fat milk and yogurt, or avoiding foods that have a higher fat content such as nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and avocados.

In fact, you may not be eating enough essential fats for effective weight loss.

Some types of dietary fats are essential for effective natural fat metabolism and good health. The beneficial essential fats in our diet also help to lubricate our joints, smooth our skin and hair, and have a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Nutritional deficiency of essential fats can contribute to slower weight loss, abdominal weight gain, dry or oily skin and hair condition, inflammation, joint problems, menstrual disorders, low immunity and more.

Start Up provides the information necessary to make sure you are getting enough essential fats in your diet to optimise your natural fat metabolism pathways, boost your well being and avoid the abdominal weight gain that can be caused as a result of not eating enough good fats.


Start today with Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss.

Step-by-step professional guidance to help you understand your own natural fat loss metabolism.


Why Lose Body Fat?

Excess body fat can increase health risks

Generally the first reason to lose body fat is to look good!

The second more important reason is to improve our health.

Reducing our body fat simultaneously reduces health risks of obesity, diabetes, poly cystic ovaries, infertility, fatty liver, high blood pressure, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

Health and happiness go hand in hand. Everyone wants to be a healthy weight, and to look good and feel good. Choose to live a happier and healthier life.

The nutritional advice and information has been designed to help to give you a clearer understanding of the relationship between your weight, food and nutrition and your overall health.

Start Up Natural Fat Loss today!

The potential benefits of correct nutrition and exercise balance for natural fat loss are:

  • To look and feel better
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Protect against metabolic syndrome 
  • Promote healthy ageing
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower blood pressure



"Start Up – Natural Fat Loss targets natural fat loss safely and effectively, and can simultaneously reduce the health risks such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance and high cholesterol.

It is the best dietary program for the management of chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, infertility, hypothyroid conditions, poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and associated symptoms like acne.

For stubborn metabolic issues and difficulties losing weight Start Up assists with optimal nutritional status to boost the metabolic rate, support healthy blood sugar levels, regulate mood, and improve energy levels. Start Up can improve nutritional deficiencies, to assist with the management of binge eating disorders, depression and anxiety. 

I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting a weight loss solution, to reduce risk of disease and to improve their health."

Venus Bergner, Natural Medicine Consultant

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss

Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss provides access to expert advice to help you learn how to work with your body's own natural fat loss system.


Qualified Health Professionals Who Can Help You Lose Fat Naturally


I lost 10kg of body fat in 12 weeks!

“I am the type of person that it takes me a while to get started, but once I do there is no stopping me!

On the Start Up program I lost 10kg of total body fat in 3 months, and kept my muscle mass constant. My friends could not believe how quickly I was doing it!

Once I started, it just got easier and easier. After a few weeks I knew how to do it off by heart. Once I really understood how it worked I started to be able to sneak in a few treats and still be losing body fat. It kept working even went I went away with the family on holidays.”

Melissa, Melbourne, Australia.


Get Your Copy of Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss Today!

Simple and Quick Meal Ideas and Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; The Key to Easy Exercise for Health and Happiness

All the information you need…

Start Up – The Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss' contains practical step-by-step, scientifically proven methods to start up the body’s natural fat metabolism and target safe and effective fat loss.

The information in this book gives you everything you need to understand why and how it works.

For many people Start Up has been the first step towards a sustainable and maintainable happy and healthy lifestyle.

Here's a quick preview of what Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss can do for you:

  • Learn how your natural fat loss system can burn fat naturally
  • Teach you which foods have been scientifically proven to contribute to body fat
  • Learn the diet and exercise balance you need for efficient natural fat loss
  • Locate the key situations and events that bring you unstuck 
  • Delicious meal ideas and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Eliminate junk food cravings with adequate nutritional intake to meet your body's daily needs 
  • Healthiest take away, convenience meals and restaurant options 
  • No need for separate meals; caters for you and your family
  • Goal setting and motivation techniques for sustaining a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Simple solutions for how to manage your work and social life for long term success
  • Inform about potential dietary health benefits for lowering the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Explains ways in which natural fat loss can increase energy and promote healthy ageing
  • Discover the proportions of muscle and body fat for healthy body composition
  • Little known, scientifically proven nutritional formulas to boost your high metabolic rate
  • Avoid damaging effects of restrictive dieting and have fun doing it

Isn't it time you discovered the simple steps to help you get closer to understanding how your body's natural fat loss metabolism works?

Discover natural fat loss secrets

Step One – Understand the way your natural fat loss metabolism works. You can learn about correct nutrition and the function of proteins, carbohydrates and fats within the body. So you have more for respect for the foods you eat, and a deeper awareness and understanding of your body. Work with your natural fat loss metabolism, not against it!

Maintain good health and a great figure


Imagine – Knowing how to make the best nutritional food choices when eating out so you can stop stressing about what "you think you can and cannot eat". To be free to really make the most of enjoying the company you are in, and feel at ease with everyone you meet.




“Initially I didn’t think I could change my diet habits and beliefs. I was so used to counting calories and points. I didn’t want to give up certain comfort foods. I didn’t believe that the diet would work because I would miss certain foods and not have enough energy without it…I was so wrong!

Just one day on the Start Up program made me feel more energy and more alive than I could remember feeling. I could not believe how good I felt! It was really incredible.

This program has helped me to understand what other aspects of my health have been interfering with my natural fat loss metabolism and making it difficult for me to lose weight despite my diet efforts and attempts.

This has changed the way I see food, and the powerful effect it can have.”

I still have a long way to go to reach my long term goals, but I feel inspired knowing I am now on the right path.

Bella, Melbourne Australia.



"There is so much confusing information around about the best diet to follow for weight loss. My weight was never stable, always going up and down. Start Up really helped me to get clear about my approach. My results were life changing!! This is an easy to follow diet and lifestyle. I have noticed that I feel more energy. I never been happier with the way I look and feel. I can stop obsessing with what I eat and what I weigh. I have gained more awareness, understanding and confidence in the relationship between myself and my body. I recommend this service to others! Thank you!"

Chloe, Melbourne, Australia


Woman feeding kids with vegetables
Teach your children how to eat correctly. Look after your family’s and your own health needs.

Imagine – Knowing the secrets of which foods burn fat naturally! You can relax and feel good about yourself, knowing that you are eating eat well for your overall health. You impress yourself with how easy it is to be flexible and adaptable with your meal planning. Or you may have your own family and need to make sure you teach your children how to eat the correct nutritional balance for their future health! Looking after your family’s and your own health needs is crucial for a better quality of life and a happier future – particularly in the current fast paced modern lifestyle!



Learn how to maintain a better quality of life and happier future.
Get the vital edge you need!


Step Two – Having the step-by-step practical tools to create clear outcomes and achievable goals! You are able to break down your long term goals into smaller, simpler steps to build your confidence and patience, and enjoy the journey to your destination.

Achieve a healthy weight balance

Step Three – Learn about how to balance your food intake and exercise each day to effectively burn fat. Learn how to change and adapt your diet and lifestyle to suit each day's activities.

Imagine having the information to being able to stop stressing about what to wear because you feel more comfortable within your own skin. No more hiding outfits in the back of the cupboard that have become too small to fit. Free yourself from such distractions to make the most of your life, and each moment.


Get familiar with your natural metabolism and have freedom of choice

Step Four – Practice these simple techniques so that you are familiar with your metabolism and how it works naturally. Test and measure your fat loss so that you can be sure of your results from your efforts.

Imagine being at ease and in more control of your weight. Let go of self doubts, and self criticism. No more thinking you're not good enough, dedicated enough or strong enough. You can become more familiar with how your diet and lifestyle affects your metabolism, so that you can have a greater freedom of choice, and feel more at peace within yourself.

When you master the fundamental basics of how your natural fat loss metabolism works, you can be liberated from outdated diet beliefs, and be on the path to healthier weight maintenance.


Liberate yourself from endless struggle and be at peace


“So amazed about the compliments I keep getting!”

“Start Up has really helped me with my weight management. I am so amazed about the compliments I keep getting! My friends and family have all commented on how great I look. Thanks so much!”

Sue, Melbourne, Australia

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss



“I dropped around 3% body fat in just a few weeks.

I learnt quite a lot about nutrition in general but the most important thing I took away was the impact that all that refined sugar was having on my body.

Once I saw results it was easy to stick to the new eating habits. The most difficult thing for me was changing my mindset about what I thought was healthy food.

My understanding of natural fat loss has helped me immensely. Overall it was a real eye opener and I took a lot away from it. I still stick to most of the eating habits I picked up from Start Up.”

Allan, Melbourne Australia



"I am totally impressed! !…I definitely didn't expect to be so thoroughly encouraged and supported throughout my weight loss process.

In fact I would say it exceeded my expectations, I wasn't sure what to expect when I was first referred to Venus, but I definitely didn't expect to be so thoroughly encouraged and supported throughout my weight loss process. I have learnt why other diets in the past were not able to work until my metabolism was working better. This is such a relief!

So far my overall experience has been great! Venus has a way of supporting you without forcing you into everything. On my Start Up program so far I have definitely seen great results such as my skin is much clearer, my weight is slowly coming down, I’ve put a lot more muscle on.

I would definitely recommend this service to other people.”

Carrie, Port Melbourne Australia



"I have had a weight issue since childhood and over the years, despite every diet under the sun, have never permanently been able to keep weight off.

Excess weight coupled with my emotional battles meant I was low in self esteem and often depressed. Venus was the fundamental key that lead to my current happiness, both within myself and on the outside. Her naturopathic tools and intuitive guidance helped me finally defeat my weight and emotional problems and I have now kept this weight off for almost a year. I am so grateful for the naturopathic healing I experienced as I am now a happy, fit and healthy woman who has started a new chapter in life, thank-you so much Venus”

Delta, Melbourne Australia.

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss


“I feel so much better. I have more energy. My body loves it! I don’t keep snacking through the night after dinner anymore and there is no need for willpower.

Now if I go back to the foods I used to eat I notice I just don’t feel as good as I do on Start Up. My alcohol intake has naturally reduced as well which is great for my health and family too.

My blood sugar levels are more stable. It is easy to eat this way, and I am so happy to know I can eat this way for the rest of my life!”

Thomas, Melbourne Australia



“I realise how my years of dieting attempts and outdated beliefs were holding me back. It was amazing to find that I didn’t need to join a gym, or starve myself, or play games with myself about how many count calories I was eating, or punish myself by always trying to eat less. Wow! It has been so liberating!

And it makes total sense. As it turned out, I had to eat more than I was eating!! I used to be continually hungry and would try to fill myself up with low calorie and fat foods but didn't know why it wasn't working. 

As I improved my diet, I felt more satisfied and my cravings naturally disappeared. I had more energy to exercise and only needed to do a half an hour walk each day to be reducing my weight.

I cannot believe how wrong we have all been trying to lose fat! No wonder it has been so difficult before. I feel better, my digestion is better, the bloating has gone and so has the constant anxiety about my weight!

I still have to be mindful and aware of what I eat, but I can now see and feel the results which makes it easier to do.”

Nancie, Clayton, Australia.


Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss

If you're feeling frustrated with your weight, or would just like to learn how to maintain and sustain the weight that you are then this book is for you.

Start Up – Guide to Natural Fat Loss describes what creates body fat, to help you understand how to switch on your own natural fat loss system.

It is up-to-date expert guidance written in a simple, and easy to follow do-it-yourself book including:

  • Step-by-Step guide to design a personalised exercise plan. With simple and effective routines that can be fit into any busy schedule and done anywhere
  • Dozens of practical tips and instructions – everything from how to plan your meals with simple shopping lists and recipes to save time and energy and money

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss

Personalised food intake and exercise plan to transform your life


Plus you’ll also receive these special bonuses…

  • Discover your weight loss personality and get help with the problem areas that may be preventing you from losing weight
  • Plan your diet and lifestyle freedom with clearly defined objectives and goal setting exercises to stay motivated and on track
  • Save precious time and effort with the most recent and accurate methods to determine your body composition and measure your true weight loss result

What you get:

Your Weight Loss Personality Quiz!

Bonus 1 – Your Weight Loss Personality Quiz!

Weight Loss psychologists are recognising a link between our personality and excess weight. Studies in the International Journal of Obesity have shown how personality traits such as persistence and novelty-seeking can affect how much weight we gain. Look for personality problems that may be preventing you from losing weight and the strategy that may work best for you.

Planning Your Diet and Lifestyle Freedom

Bonus 2 – Planning Your Diet and Lifestyle Freedom!

Get clear about your specific weight management objectives and define your desired outcome and time frames. Identify where you are now and create the path to where you want to be. Plan your diet and lifestyle freedom to stay motivated and ensure your success!

Guide To Understanding Your Body Composition

Bonus 3 – Guide to Understanding Your Body Composition

The Body Mass Index (BMI) method has been outdated as the gold standard measurement for your weight loss goals by Body Composition Analysis. Save precious time and effort with the newest methods to effectively measure your weight loss.

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss

Natural Fat Loss that is Easy to Afford

Everyone should have access to all this valuable information so the price has been kept incredibly low.


What you get…


Your cost

Start Up: Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss



Bonus #1- Your Weight Loss Personality



Bonus #2 – Planning Your Diet and Lifestyle Freedom



Bonus #3 – Your Guide to Understanding Body Composition



Total Value for Individual Consultations


Special E-book Price

     $15.00  $28.00

Your Savings


Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss

Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss is educational and informative, fun and enjoyable book which is based on many years of clinical experience and dedicated to your success.

The key word here is “action”. For a limited time we are going to offer 3 additional bonuses for the special price of $15.00 to the first 100 people who take fast action.

What have you got to lose?

The next step to reach your goals is up to you!

Best wishes and good luck,


Venus Bergner



P.S. Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss is dedicated to your success with life changing insights and easy active steps to efficient and effective weight loss.

P.P.S. Don't procrastinate on this one! For a limited time we are going to offer 3 fantastic bonuses for the special price of $15.00 to the first 100 people who take action – FAST!!!

P.P.P.S. Just to remind you: 'Start Up – Beginners Guide to Natural Fat Loss' is backed by an unconditional no risk 100% money back GUARANTEE if you are unsatisfied with the quality of content within this product. What do you have to lose? 

Start Up Beginners Guide To Natural Fat Loss


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